Imitation and Alternative Peanut/Nut Spreads

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As per the Response to Anaphylactic Reactions Policy and Procedure (OP-6510), please be aware that TLDSB does NOT support the use of imitation peanut/nut spreads as an alternative to peanut butter or other nut spreads in TLDSB schools.

In order to most effectively reduce the element of risk to students with allergies, and to continue to try to create an allergen-safe environment, we are asking that students who are bringing imitation and alternative peanut/nut spreads to school choose different lunch alternatives.

Staff are often not able to easily identify or visually distinguish whether the spread a student has in their lunch is real nut butter or an imitation, due to the similar colour and consistency it has to peanut butter.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.